Whitewater Rescue Course - Program C


Društvo Reševalcev iz Vode Slovenije (member of Water Rescue Federation of Slovenia - WRFS) is the training provider, accredited by the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (URSZR), who will run the Whitewater Rescue - Program C course.

Time and Dates of Training:

Every day from 9.00 to 18.00. The course will also entail a night search/rescue scenario.
*SPECIAL NOTE: Course dates are scheduled/adapted to prevent overlapping with the mandatory First Aid class.
Regarding the First Aid course, you can find all the information in the following link: http://tecaji.rks.si/list/2785/?layer=1
Classroom Lectures:
Prijon Šport Center (Čezsoča 12 B, 5230 Bovec), or Kamp Koren (Ladra 1b, 5222 Kobarid). Depending on the size of the group

Practical Exercises and Scenarios:
Soča and Koritnica river - depending on water levels.

   1.    Minimum 18 years of age 
   2.    Doctor’s exam for water rescuers (not older than six months) 
   3.    Proof of payment for the course 
   4.    Pass the pool swim test

Društvo Reševalcev iz Vode Slovenije
e: rescue3slovenija@yahoo.com
t: +38640331195 - Miha Mihelič
Miha Mihelič
Blaž Stan
Peter Naskovič 

Additional information:
1. Pool Swim Test:
  • takes place on the 1st day of the course.
  • candidates must swim 200 m under 4:00 min and 25 m under the water.
  • whoever does not pass the test gets a full refund excluding the cost of the swim test which is 60 €.
2. Minimum number of course participants is 6, maximum is 18. We reserve the right to cancel the course in case there are not enough students. You will be offered an alternative course date or a full refund in that case.

3. Course applications will be accepted until the course is full.

4. 10 days before the start of the course, all the applicants will receive student induction material via     e-mail.

5. Participants on our Program C course, have an opportunity to obtain different certifications that are recognized world wide. At an additional charge.

a) Rescue 3 International / Rescue 3 Europe:

• Whitewater Rescue Technician - Professional (WRT-Pro)

• Whitewater Canyon Technician - Professional (WCT-Pro)

WRT-Pro takes place during the 2nd and 5th day of the course, WCT-Pro is on the 6th and the 7th day. Participants are given a whistle for water use and a student manual in English/Italian/Spanish/German language.
Additional fee is 65 €.

Course applicants with a valid Rescue 3 International/Europe certification, are eligible for a 100 € discount per module. Clarification, whoever is Rescue 3 and IRF certified can get 2x 100 € discount.

Price: 500 € - Program C

More information is available at:
Rescue 3 Europe                     
e: info@rescue3europe.com

w: www.rescue3europe.com
t: +44 1978869069

b) International Rafting Federation (IRF):
Raft guide level II - IV, Trip Leader III - IV, Safety kayaker III – IV. Takes place on the 6th and the 7th day. Additional fee is 65 €.

More information is available at:
International Rafting Federation
e: gte@intraftfed.com
w: www.internationalrafting.com

6. Personal Protective and Rescue Equipment (must bring to the course):
  • Helmet specialized for whitewater use
  • Personal Floatation Device (PFD) with a quick release harness
  • Dry suit or wet suit with minimum 5 mm thickness of neoprene
  • River footwear with good quality rubber sole
  • Neoprene socks
  • River or canyoning knife
  • Whistle for water use
  • Throw bag with a waist carry system, recommended length of 18 m
  • 4 x screw gate carabiners, pear shape
  • 2 x prusik cords, 6 mm thick and 110 cm long
  • 1 x tubular webbing 6 m long and tensile strength of 15 kN
7. Minimum requirement for passing Program C training - is 100 % attendance and a positive performance score throughout the course.

8. After a successful completion of the training, students must apply separately to the exam with the URSZR examination commission. The exam entails a practical and a theoretical part.

More information about the exam: https://www.gov.si/zbirke/storitve/preizkus-usposobljenosti-za-resevalce-iz-vode/ 

9. A complete application will have:

Signed course application

Doctor’s exam for water rescuers

Proof of recent Rescue 3 and IRF certifications

You can submit the documentation in person to the instructor(s) or via e-mail to: rescue3slovenija@yahoo.com

You can also apply online at the following link: http://www.slolifeguard.com/prijavnica

Conditions of service:

Valid for course bookings from 1.1. 2020 onwards.

Društvo Reševalcev iz Vode Slovenije is and accredited training provider for the White water rescuer - Program C course. We also run Rescue 3 Europe and International Rafting Federation (IRF) training and education. All courses are ran by qualified instructors, staff to student ratio is in accordance with Rescue 3 Europe and IRF guidelines.

1. Course cancellation / date modification
Whilst every reasonable attempt will be made to deliver courses, WRFS reserves the right to cancel or modify the courses due to safety considerations and factors beyond our control. Društvo Reševalcev iz Vode Slovenije reserves the right to modify or postpone courses to optimise water conditions.

Same decision will be taken in case of not having minimum 6 course participants.

2. Refunding
Applicants will be offered an alternative course date or full refund if the Course director cancels the course for above mentioned reasons.

Should you cancel your booking for any reason 3 days prior to the beginning of the course, a full refund will be offered. Any cancellations after this period, the DRIV will charge 100 € office fee and refund the rest. The candidates can submit their resignation directly over the phone or via e-mail.

If the student decides to quit the course during training, they will be offered to join in again in the following training in the same course season. If they fail to attend, they will not be eligible to any refund.

3. Liability and Insurance
Rescue training courses are potentially dangerous activities. All participants must be aware of this and accept the risks associated with these activities. Whilst DRIV has an excellent safety record, responsibility for injury or illness arising from rescue training or associated activities can only be accepted if caused by negligence on the part of DRIV, its servants or agents.
Društvo Reševalcev iz Vode Slovenije is under no liability whatsoever in respect of loss or damage to property, however caused, whilst at DRIV, or on a course location organized by DRIV.
Participants are strongly advised to arrange their own insurance cover. DRIV is unable to offer any form of insurance cover (other than public liability).

4. Health and Safety Considerations
Due to the strenuous nature of rescue training, all participants should be physically fit. Anyone with a medical condition must seek medical advice before considering participating.
All participants on water-based courses must pass a pool swim test.
All participants must be aged 18 or over.
Spectacles may be worn at the discretion of the Course Director.
It is recommended that spectacles are impact-resistant with plastic lenses and frames.
The wearer must accept that injury may still occur if any forms of spectacles are worn, and accept full responsibility for any such injury.
Contact lenses may be worn by participants.
Course participants will not be permitted to consume alcohol or drugs prior to or during courses. DRIV staff reserve the right to refuse participation to anyone considered to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Društvo Reševalcev iz Vode Slovenije staff may require any participant to leave the course if that person acts in any such manner as to endanger him/herself, other course members, or any other user of the training venue. The Course Director may require any participant to leave the course if that person is not of a suitable standard to be on that particular course.

5. Disabilities
Disabled people are welcome to participate in courses. Please send details of your specific needs to DRIV at the time of booking.
DRIV must be informed of any medical conditions (asthma, epilepsy, deafness etc) or any other special needs of any/all participants.

6. Conditions of Service
As part of the continual review of safety and associated considerations, the conditions of booking are subject to change, clarification, and modification etc at any time.
Only the General Manager, or his appointed Deputy, is empowered to vary or waive any of the conditions of booking. Such decisions are totally at the discretion of the General Manager or appointed Deputy.
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